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Membership in Southern Medical Association is available to Medical Students and Residents. Join today!

Medical Student ScholarshipApplications are now being accepted for the SMA Alliance Society of 1924 Medical Student Scholarship and the SMA Society of 1906 Medical Student Scholarship.

How to Start a Practice – This document was prepared to be used as a guideline for setting up your own practice. New Practice Guidelines.

Practice Profitability Video Series

Detecting Employee Embezzlement  Video will discuss warning signs of employee theft, how to prevent it and how to handle an investigation and termination of an employee suspected of embezzlement.  (35:31 minutes)

Accounts Receivable/Physician Compensation Plans – Video will discuss accounts receivables representing the last hurdle before converting practice effort into income and practices reexamining compensation models for their physicians.  (59:17 minutes)

Improving Practice Profitability – There are proven strategies to use to increase practice revenue while wisely cutting expenses. This discussion will provide specific ideas in both areas. (1:22:29 hour/minutes)

Medical Professional Liability Insurance Informational Videos

Protecting Your Practice

Value Added Enhancements

Carrier Considerations

Cost Controls

Term Life – SMA offers up to $100,000 in coverage without evidence of insurability to all new joining residents or 1st / 2nd year practicing physicians joining the Southern Medical Association for 31 days from the date of your membership application. SMA also offers up to $2,000,000 in Term Life coverage that you may apply for should you desire more than the $100,000 (amounts over $100,000 are subject to underwriting). You may also apply for up to ½ your total coverage for your spouse and $7,500 for each dependent child.

Group and Individual Long Term Disability – SMA offers up to $3,000 per month in disability benefits (subject to salary requirements). This coverage will pay a benefit to you if an unexpected accident or illness prevents you from performing the duties of your own occupation. Coverage is also available up to $20,000 per month with evidence of insurability.

For additional information or questions regarding the insurance products above, contact Wendy Erhart at or 800-423-4992, ext. 150. For additional insurance and retirement products, visit