Welcome to the Southern Medical Association Alliance (SMAA)

What is SMA Alliance?

Southern Medical Association Alliance (SMAA) is a vibrant team of leaders working in their communities to improve health care and health literacy. The SMA Alliance was started in 1924 as a volunteer organization of physician spouses in 16 Southern states and D.C. and has grown to include members both in the US and internationally. Read the History.

What does the SMA Alliance do?

SMA Alliance members strive to enhance and improve knowledge on health related issues, encourage students to become future physicians, preserve medical history and achievements, and raise funds for student/resident scholarships and grants. The SMA Alliance provides networking and support uniquely tailored to physicians and physician spouses.


The overall Mission of the SMAA is:

  • To serve families and communities through programs designed to improve health and well being; to preserve the history of medicine and recognize the physicians who practice it;
  • To serve and support medical families;
  • To provide a forum for education, service and camaraderie that empowers members to achieve both volunteer and professional goals; and
  • To support the Southern Medical Association in pursuit of its mission and goals.


The goals of the SMAA are:

  • To provide needed educational programs, training and information to its members;
  • To recognize the significance of the profession of medicine through community service and educational projects;
  • To preserve the history of medicine;
  • To provide services and support to medical families by being a forum for the exchange of ideas and perspectives;
  • To be an organization which consistently communicates a clearly defined identity; and
  • To motivate active membership participation through the promotion of benefits and services to members and potential members.


How do I join the SMA Alliance?

Membership in the SMA Alliance is open to all spouses of physicians, medical students and residents. The SMA Alliance dues are a nominal $40 a year. (Spouses of medical students and residents are FREE.) For more information on membership contact Member Services at mbrsvc@smaphp7.wpengine.com.

What benefits does SMA Alliance membership offer?

As an SMA Alliance member you become part of an energetic team of community leaders devoted to the Family of Medicine. Through your spouse’s SMA membership you have access to a number of multimedia tools to assist with these endeavors including websites and online communities. Not to mention the many other benefits SMA has to offer including insurance, retirement, and professional development. And most importantly, you have access to other members who provide support, guidance and encouragement.

Click here to join or contact Member Services at support@smaphp7.wpengine.com, or call 800-423-4992, ext. 640.

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